What We Offer

We offer our services to corporate clients such as aerospace and non-aerospace companies, space agencies, government agencies, other consultant companies, financial and business development companies and research institutes. We at 4CON believe that there may be many reasons why you might want to contract out consultancy work such as:
  • MER RoverYour internal staff best suited to solving emerging problems are tied up with other day-to-day activities and the work may involve research and other time-consuming activities which you cannot provide, support and fund internally;

  • Your issues involve internal organisational matters where only external advice is sufficiently objective, or where the required expertise is not available to you in-house and you do not wish to hire new staff for it;

  • Consultancy services only impose on you a budgetary burden of limited duration and you may wish to get outside confidential advice rather than initiate long and contentious in-house discussions;

  • Interactive consultancy in addition offers you a flexible resource for solving fast breaking problems and issues which constantly face organisations like yours.
Every space manager is faced with problems like these on a daily and weekly basis. We at 4CON are ready to help you. Through our in-house capabilities and our network of Associate Consultants we can provide the solutions to your needs.
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