Strategy / Policy Development

Although space agencies and the larger space companies will always wish to retain the central strategic planning function in-house, 4CON offers confidential and due diligence consultancy in support of the in-house strategic planning effort. In this context, 4CON is a facilitator offering such services as specialised research, technology trend assessment, organising the conceptual framework for client in-house discussions, meetings and report preparation.

4CON also supplies procurement trend assessments to space companies regarding changing patterns in agency procurement policies. Space companies are often unclear about medium to longer-term thinking of space agencies regarding procurement policies. 4CON also provides studies to support the drive to increase European competitivity in global markets for launchers, telecommunication systems and global navigation systems.

We provide concept development for media companies in the space arena such as research and script development, archive searches and analysis, archive retrieval for media. This covers TV programming, CD-ROM development and multimedia development with emphasis on space technology, space science, space history, space programme politics, space news and space dedicated TV channels. Consultancy in this area draws heavily on experience and contacts established through the other space consultancy activities of 4CON.

4CON provides a service of media/PR/outreach development to help space companies and agencies improve their penetration in media exposure for improving corporate image and the image of space activities in general in the public mind and the minds of political decision makers.
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