Feasibility, System Studies

4CON carries out technical studies to determine optimum system architecture and system parameters typically in the low Earth orbits, telecommunications, earth observation and global navigation areas, such as on-board power, data rates, antenna size and type and on-ground power, data rates and ground station architecture, as well as other system parameters. This also covers manned space systems such as life-support, health maintenance, ergonomics and operational aspects as well as the application of automation and robotics.

We also provide support for proposals by medium to large aerospace companies to space agencies with a view to later-on capture of the development contracts based on knowledge gained during the feasibility phase. 4CON also offers assessments and evaluations related to:
  • PA/QA/safety in manned and unmanned systems;
  • Standards and benchmarking;
  • Cheaper/faster/better issues.
4CON offers to agencies and/or aerospace companies assessments based not on requirements versus compliance but rather on an approach based on assessments of systems issues behind the stated requirements.
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