Our Pubblications

Some examples of our Publications:

  • An Underground Isolation Laboratory for Human Space Mission Simulations
    David Nixon, Stefano Antonetti and Paul Clancy. 40th International AIAA Conference on Environmental Systems, Barcelona, Spain, 11-15 July 2010.

  • An Analysis of the Sustainability of Space Operations
    Stefano Antonetti, David Nixon and Paul Clancy. Submitted to the International Astronautical Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, September 2010.

  • Book: "Looking for Life; Searching the Solar System"
    P. Clancy, A. Brack & G. Horneck, Cambridge University Press 2005, ISBN-13 978-0-521-82450-7.

  • International Space Station European Utilisation Plan
    ESA Special Publication SP-1270, 2003.

  • Exobiology in the Solar System & The Search for Life on Mars
    ESA Special Publication SP-1231, October 1999.

  • ESA Life Sciences, Exobiology and Exploration
    P. Clancy, D. Schmitt, O. Angerer, Proc. First European Workshop On EXO/Astrobiology, Frascati, 21-23 May 2001, ESA SP-496, August 2001.

  • The Microgravity Facilities for Columbus; Status and Prospects
    Space Technology Vol. 12, No. 2, pp 167-168, 1992.

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