Our Expertise

4CON provides high-level interactive consultancy by work performed by its in-house consultants or by sub-contracting work for its clients to external Associated Consultants. The areas covered by 4CON’s consultants cover:
  • Our Expertise - Astronauts working on CEPFPlanning and implementation of space sciences research in space, space sciences, assessment of scientific proposals, project management of space hardware development;

  • Space systems engineering and technology in Earth observation and telecommunication;

  • Planning of on-orbit science operations in human spaceflight;

  • Earth observation and remote sensing science and mission management;

  • Architecture, structural and electrical engineering of space related ground infrastructure such as planetary surface simulation facilities;

  • Multimedia productions on space, space- related and science and technology subjects. Bibliometric analysis;

  • Comprehensive knowledge of world wide science archives;

  • Marketing and business development in the European aerospace area;

  • Science mission management;

  • Science editing/publishing, peer reviewing, advisory work for European Space Agency;

  • International Space Station and its elements. Space Station utilisation, payloads and payload databases, logistics and interfaces;

  • Assessment of Launchers technology and systems;

  • Orbital and sub-orbital mission analysis, re-entry issues;

  • Coordination with US and NASA programmes;

  • Planetary surface characterisation and exploration using rovers and drills;

  • Design of isolation facilities and planning of their utilisation;

  • Assessment of sustainability issues realated to space activities using life-cycle approach.
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