Business Development

4CON provides consultancy in the business development area to existing aerospace companies and companies wishing to enter the space field. We provide an alternative to the services offered by companies for business development in general but with limited knowledge of space. 4CON is therefore a key partner and consultant for advising companies, investors and financial institutions on key space related business development.

In addition, we offer consultancy to companies to prepare proposals in reply to space agency Invitations To Tender (ITT’s). The service focuses on provision of technical advice in the areas of technology and system aspects, organisation and writing of the proposal, advice in ensuring compliance with the ITT requirements. Additional advice in the agency evaluation procedures can also be provided.

We offer newer and more innovative companies alliance brokering with the more established space companies in order to offer to European space procurement agencies and the larger aerospace contractors strategic alliances which bring new ideas and competencies. These alliances will offer new technological approaches such as micro-satellites, nano-technologies, automation and robotics, artificial intelligence, biomimetics, and cheaper, faster, better approaches to improve on the way space exploration and exploitation is presently carried out.
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