Technology Evaluation

4CON provides consultancy to agencies, ministries and the larger commercial companies to assess the evolution of technologies in key areas likely to have future commercial impacts. We offer consultancy services to assess the impact of new technologies in the space domain. Examples are the applications of microgravity, automation and robotics to low earth orbit and space-station exploitation, the impact of digital broadcasting on telecommunication satellite design and the implications of miniaturisation and of artificial intelligence such as expert systems and neural networks on all kinds of space systems design.

We also offer studies of technology transfer issues and of spin-off and spin-on. Additionally, 4CON can carry out technological risk assessments for insurance corporations and groups who may wish to assess the risks they are requested to cover in areas such as launcher and satellite system reliability, and the general security of space systems.

4CON can also provide technology assessments beyond those offered by companies that are competent in the technology area in general but have limited space knowledge.
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