Welcome to 4CON

HomeThe mission of 4CON is to supply high quality consultancy services in the space and related science and technology sectors to corporate, national and international agency clients using state of the art interpersonal and on-line technologies. Emphasis is on intelligence gathering, strategic planning and business development at an international level. At 4CON we believe in the primacy of creative ideas in business and is founded on the notion of an independent consultant researching and providing creative solutions for busy clients. To this end 4CON is committed to:
  • Maximising the effectiveness of the creative, value-adding process;
  • Maximising the quality of the consultancy product;
  • Maximising the speed of delivery of the consultancy product to the client.
In an ideal business world no one would need outside consultants. In this ideal world all problems could be solved by the judicious allocation of in-house resources. Yet this ideal world is rarely matched by the real world. In a nutshell, modern high-tech business is faced ever more starkly with the problem of change; how to understand, quantify and plan for it, and harness it to produce new projects and business.
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